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Wayne in hospital with his family.
Wayne in hospital with his family.

Wayne's story...

I'm Wayne and I have five beautiful children who mean everything to me. The worst part of having kidney disease is knowing that I have passed the condition on to at least two of them.

Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is a genetic condition. It’s been in my family for generations. It took my dad, two of my cousins have it, and my two older daughters have been diagnosed. My younger three children haven’t been tested yet.

There's no cure for kidney disease.

I've been lucky, I've been freed from dialysis because an incredibly generous anonymous donor gave one of their kidneys and made a gift that changed my life.

But I hope a treatment comes before my children suffer. That's why I take every opportunity I can to support research to help find a cure. For them, and for all other people living in fear of this 'silent killer'.


Wayne Smith and daughters
Wayne and daughters, Maegan and Steph.

“Thank you so much for
making a gift to help fund
more life-changing
research. Your support
means the world to
me and my family,
and everyone else
out there living with
kidney disease.”

Maegan, Wayne's daughter.

A new treatment for kidney disease is right around the corner

Professor Ong and his team at the University of Sheffield are working with colleagues in America are working on a brand new class of drugs to treat autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD).

ADPKD is a genetic kidney disease that causes cysts to grow in the kidney, eventually causing kidney failure. They have found that the compound stops cysts from growing by reducing the level of a ‘messenger molecule’ which affects how quickly cysts grow and expand in the kidneys.

If it works in clinical trial, this treatment could keep the diease in check for much longer. This potential breakthrough could help people like Wayne and his children.

Professor Ong's research has only been possible thanks to generous gifts which has made funding over the last 12 years possible.

Professor Albert Ong

Professor Ong
The Sheffield team have received £700,000
from Kidney Research UK over the last 12 years

Please donate today

Wayne Smith and family
Mae Smith (pictured third from right) with family.

Your gift can make it possible

Your gifts really do make an amazing difference - our researchers can search for for new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat kidney disease. Will you say  'yes' to more life-changing research?

Support research that could lead to a new treatment for ADPKD

Give hope to families like Wayne's, who one day might be able to control their condition

Make a brighter future for people living with kidney disease.

Support Wayne's appeal

Why not make a donation now?
(Every £ counts)

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