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The hard reality of dialysis

We visited patients and staff at the Cambridge Dialysis Centre to understand their experience of life on dialysis. They generously spoke to camera, sharing their often heartbreaking stories. Watch our 5 minute video below.

We can act now to avoid a health emergency

Our recent report, Kidney disease: a UK public health emergency predicts a dramatic increase in the number of people needing dialysis treatment in the next 10 years. If the worst predictions of the report are realised, it will create a healthcare crisis.

We can avoid the worst-case scenario, but only if we take big action today.

As a Kidney Research UK supporter, you can play an important role in creating a better future.

The front cover of the Health Economics report document

Life on dialysis is tough

Paul Cookson, who you met in the 5 minute video above, has been a kidney patient since he was a baby. He has had four failed transplants.

“Kidney disease can be really hard on a person… I’ve had bad patches. I’ve struggled with depression on and off my whole life. I’ve needed to seek out
mental health support, just to talk about struggles I’ve had with being on dialysis and how fed up with it I was, and the impact it’s had on my personal life.”

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