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Join our readers panel


From home, flexible to fit around lifestyle

All reasonable expenses (such as travel) will be reimbursed

We are looking for a team of volunteers who have experience of kidney disease to join our reader panel. Would you like to help us create accurate, relevant and meaningful content for people at risk of, affected by and living with kidney disease?  

We need volunteers who are living with or affected by kidney disease to make sure the materials and resources we create are clear and easy to understand and to provide feedback on how we can make them better. This may include but not be limited to materials such as webpages, articles, flyers, reports or leaflets. Occasionally we may ask you to help us develop the content too. 

Things we may ask you: 

  • Does this contain any jargon or medical terms that are hard to understand? 
  • Is there any information missing that you think should be included? 
  • Is this relevant for people living with kidney disease? 
  • Will it be easy to understand by the intended audience? 
  • Is the content we have produced in the right tone? 

Is this role for you? 

  • This is a flexible volunteer role that can be done from home and you can choose how often you would like to get involved 
  • You will need to be able to receive materials and return feedback via email  
  • This role is purely to look at the content of our role, not the grammar or punctuation 
  • You do not need thave a literacy background; your experience of kidney disease is vital to ensure that the materials we create are useful and relevant 
  • This is a good role for those who have a good attention to detail and enjoy reading 
  • We cannot provide an exact schedule of when things will need reviewing so you will need to be flexible and on occasions be able to respond to some requests with a short turnaround time (although we aim to provide you with as much notice as possible) 
  • You wont need to review every piece. 

How will it work? 

  • A member of staff will email you content that is currently being developed explaining what we want to achieve, and asking for your feedback  
  • We will provide a deadline for the review, and you will confirm if you are able to help usIf you are unable to or do not wish to take part, do not worry as you do not have to take part in every review 
  • You will return your feedback via email to the member of the team 
  • Occasionally we might get back in touch with you to discuss your thoughts 
  • We cannot guarantee that every comment in your review will directly inform a change on the document, but the collective opinion of the panel will be collated to help influence the direction of the materials  
  • We will update you with the final content that you helped create. 

How to apply

If you think this is the role for you or you would like more information, please express interest to our volunteer programme manager by emailing 

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