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London Marathon volunteers


London Marathon

Sunday 23 April 2023

What volunteering roles are available? 

Cheering stations  

We need six people on our two cheering stations, to cheer as loudly as they can to encourage our incredible runners to keep their spirits up as they go past. Seeing someone from the charity you’re running for means so much and can give them that extra motivation and push they need to keep on running! 

Beanie costume 

This might be hard for some to read, but Beanie requires a volunteer to wear the outfit! If you’re over 5’7 and happy to wear the costume it means so much to our supporters to see him. We need 2 x volunteers, one to wear the costume and one to ensure Beanie doesn’t trip over anything. 

*disclaimer, you cant see who is inside Beanie, so no street cred needs to be lost.  

How to apply

If you think this is the role for you or you would like more information, please express interest to our volunteer programme manager by emailing [email protected] 

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