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You can stop the fear of inherited kidney disease.

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Breakthroughs take time. We can’t let another generation face the same challenges with kidney disease.

Mae has polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and her family has been impacted by this genetic condition for generations. Mae has seen her dad go through kidney failure and dialysis, and has to reckon with a future where she will go through the same ordeal. She worries about the day it will happen to her too.

It’s been over 15 years since Mae got her diagnosis, and so far her kidneys are still working fine and has annual checks. But that won’t last. Her dad started to get really poorly with PKD when he was 40. Mae feels that kidney failure is a looming cloud that's off in the distance, but every year it comes a bit closer.

"I hope that when the time comes, better treatments will be available than there were for my dad. For the next generation, I hope that PKD will not impact or hinder their lives at all." Mae, a PKD patient

You can stop the fear of inherited kidney disease.

PKD is a serious condition that causes fluid-filled cysts to grow in the kidneys. As the cysts grow, they reduce kidney function. Right now there is no cure for PKD.

There is a medication that can slow the growth of the cysts, but it does not stop them growing. If you have PKD, it’s very likely your kidneys will fail. Once your kidneys have failed, your survival depends on dialysis treatment, and the wait for a possible kidney transplant.  

Research happening right now

Thanks to your generous donations, we're funding research into PKD.

Professor Kourosh Saeb-Parsy and Cristina Piñel Neparidze, at the University of Cambridge, want to improve life for people with PKD. 

Their goal is find out why PKD causes cysts to grow in the kidney, and what new drugs can better treat PKD.

PhD student in the research lab looking in a microscope while working on research for PKD
Cristina Piñel Neparidze

Lisa thinks of the research funded by gifts like yours that could stop her family living in fear.

PKD patient Lisa with her daughter, who support our appeal to fund research so future generations don't have to live with kidney disease.
Lisa, pictured with her daughter, also has PKD and is currently on dialysis. Sadly her mum and nan both passed away after also going through kidney failure. Her son, Tom, has also inherited PKD.

"Things in the future could be so different. When my kidneys failed, my consultant said, “Eventually, all PKD patients will have kidney failure.” My wish is that in the future this isn’t the case. That it might be possible to save people’s kidneys, or that they can develop kidneys that you don’t need all the anti-rejection drugs for. Or maybe even that there’ll be a cure for PKD that would mean no one ever has to worry about their children inheriting it.

"This isn’t an impossible wish. So much progress is already being made. But to make that wish come true, for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, we need to give Kidney Research UK all the support we can."

Please make a gift today to stop the fear of inherited kidney disease.

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