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YUYU Bottle

The original long hot (and cold) water bottle.

We have teamed up with YUYU to bring our supporters a unique hot water bottle that can provide essential warmth to ease pain and provide comfort.

In partnership with YUYU we’re able to offer a 10% discount on all their products with a further 10% donation coming back to the charity.

Why not treat yourself or purchase a gift, safe in the knowledge that you’re also helping to fund life-saving research.

Get 10% of with discount code: KIDNEYUK!15

A further 10% will be donated from every sale

Hear what other people think to YUYU Bottles...

It was perfect!

"My YuYu bottle arrived at a perfect time for me just after I'd had a kidney transplant and was a little sore around the scar area. My doctor had told me to use a hot water bottle but also told me to keep moving - it was perfect! I was able to tie it around my waist and lay on the sofa to rest. When I got up, it came with me and kept me comfortable for weeks."

Wayne Smith, transplant patient

YuYu is proud to be endorsed by medical professionals

"Pain is caused by a temporary reduction in blood flow which activates our pain recetors. The elongated YuYu Bottle stands out because it takes advantage of the horizontal arrangement of sensory nerves supplying the human skin and deactivates the pain receptors at a molecular level."

Dr Brian King, Professor of Physiology, University College London

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