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All, or some proceeds, of book sales go towards funding vital research into kidney disease.


The Miracle of Live Kidney Donation - In flies the leading lady

by Mary Morrison and Margaret Mccabe

Miracles happen every day. This real-life story is one of them!

At midday on 22 July 2019, at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, a healthy kidney was removed from one living person and transported by aeroplane to the Royal London Hospital to be transplanted into another. This second operation began at 6.30pm, and by midnight the miracle was complete.

The story is told from the perspectives of both the kidney donor and the recipient. The authors share their experiences and conclude the book with a support plan that will help all chronic kidney patients, particularly those with the end-stage renal disease (ERSD), to live their best lives. Contributors to the book include Andrew Cold, a retired international and Premiership footballer, himself a live donor kidney recipient, Richard Pitman, a champion jockey commentator and kidney donor, and Sandra Currie, CEO of Kidney Research UK.

The best of humanity! Faith, hope, love and gratitude are the cornerstones of this story. The book gives us all the opportunity to reflect deeply.

All proceeds from this book will be donated to Kidney Research UK.

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Staying Alive

by Alan and Jan Cooper

Have you ever wondered what happens to kidney patients on dialysis? Do you know how organ transplants affect the lives of those who receive them... and those whose loved ones donate their organs? Kidney disease is increasing rapidly.

Jan Cooper, a former Kidney Research UK Trustee, and her late husband Alan’s book tells the real life stories of those affected by kidney disease. Staying Alive features Jan’s story, as well as the stories of other dialysis patients, carers and kidney donors and recipients, and puts forward a positive picture of not only survival, but living life to the full.

Reading this book will give you an insight into a growing health problem which is still far too little known and understood.

For every eBook sold, the charity receives £1. The rest goes to publishers. The editors make no profit and do not wish to.

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Make it Count!

by Helen Haynes

Undergoing more than 20 operations and surviving major organ failure would take its toll on anybody. But Helen Haynes not only survived these life-challenging experiences...she fought her way back to a successful working and sporting life, winning gold medals at the World Transplant Games and mastering her charity and professional speaking career.

Helen was a determined and talented tennis player with a very promising future when she was diagnosed with kidney failure at the age of 20 - the result of taking too many anti-inflammatories while coping with training injuries. Helen endured years of ill-health, fighting for her life, before the generosity of not one, but two organ donors - including her own mother - ultimately saved and transformed her life.

Now running her own business as a public speaking consultant and professional speaker, Helen shares her remarkable story in a candid and very moving way.

Helen says: "Kidney disease needs a voice and it needs research. There are too many people suffering with end stage kidney disease and there is still so much that needs to be done to improve treatments and ultimately find a cure for kidney failure. I believe research is vital and that is why I am delighted, as a former fundraising manager of Kidney Research UK, to be able to make a difference to other kidney patients in this small way. I hope you enjoy my story and it inspires you to make every moment count!"

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Kidney for Sale

by Yasmin Ghurki

Imagine being strapped to a machine for four hours, with your blood moving in and out of your body; triggering shock waves inside and your head to explode. Then having to do it all over again every other day for years to come. If you are lucky to last that long, that is.

This is a true account of a young man's desperate journey to stay alive.

Exploring the many myths surrounding the organ trade. Why would anyone want to take illegal and immoral steps? What drove people to sell their body part? Reaching deep into the hearts of the readers, this is a plea to think of kidney donation.

Every copy sold of this book will raise vital funds for Kidney Research UK.

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