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Celebrate a kidneyversary

Every kidney transplant recipient or donor remembers their transplant day. Receiving or giving a kidney can be the best gift, and the anniversary of your transplant is a very special day. Like a birthday, it is a day for celebration, reflection, and gratitude.

A kidneyversary is a fantastic way to mark that special anniversary date and can be celebrated by recipients, donors and loved ones with festivities such as a party, gifts, cards or donations to a charity.

Help us by raising funds so that all kidney transplant recipients and donors can celebrate their kidneyversary too.

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Ways to celebrate a kidneyversary

Recipient, donor or know someone who is; mark this momentous day by pledging your support

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Share your story

It might be your 1st  kidneyversary, it might be your 30th, whatever the number we’d love you to share your kidneyversary story with us.

Whether you’re a donor wishing to say thank you to those who’ve been part of your transplant journey, or you want to share your experience of donating your kidney, share your story with us.

Man at a table with two cards being displayed saying 10 Kidneyversary and 27 kidneyversary

Get fundraising

Celebrate your kidneyversary in style. Have a party with friends and family, treat your colleagues to cakes or set up a Facebook fundraising page.

Be sure to share your celebration on all of your social channels asking your nearest and dearest to celebrate with you by donating to Kidney Research UK to fund vital research into kidney disease.

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Get involved

Be kidney strong!

Celebrate your kidneyversary by joining #TeamKidney and taking part in one of our challenges or events.

Be an inspiration to others and raise money to fund vital research to improve long-term outcomes for kidney transplant recipients, donors and their families.

Other ways to get involved

London Bridges Walk walkers

Walk with us

Join #TeamKidney at Glasgow Bridges Walk


Mary's book

Buy and read about Mary and Margaret's transplant story

Kailash with Bushra and Mrs Swaran Chowdhary

Raise awareness

Become an ambassador and help spread the word


Fundraise for us

Get ideas and tips to kick start your fundraising.

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Organ donation

Find out more about kidney transplantation

Got a question? Get in touch.

For more information about celebrating a kidneyversary, get in touch with
our Supporter Care Team:

0300 303 1100

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