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"Will you make a gift today to help prevent my grandchildren inheriting kidney disease?"

Kidney disease has always been in Paul's family. He wants to stop it going any further. Together, we can stop kidney disease destroying families.

Paul Matthews with wife, daughter and son

Kidney disease has run rampant through Paul’s family for generations.

His wish is that Alport’s will not be passed on to his grandchildren.

Paul Matthews is 55 years old and has lived with kidney disease his whole life. But it’s bigger than just his life.

It’s affected the lives of all his family members. His mum, aunt, brother, cousin and Paul himself, all had Alport syndrome. And now his daughter, Emma. Paul has had three kidney transplants and has spent over 18 years of his life on dialysis. It's been tough.

"The only way to stop kidney disease running rampant through another generation of my family is to research. Research is the key. Research offers hope to everyone with kidney disease, or those at risk of getting it."
Paul Matthews.

Paul is determined to help find a way to stop kidney disease affecting his grandchildren.

Paul Matthew family tree

"New research could make my daughter Emma the last person in my family to be affected by kidney disease."

Paul Matthews

Make your gift to end kidney disease

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Professor Rachel Lennon, funded researcher

Research is the future.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen the incredible achievements of researchers working on the Covid-19 vaccine. With proper funding and the urgency of the pandemic, the first vaccines were ready in nine months, when it would usually take ten years to develop a vaccine like this.

Big steps towards understanding Alport syndrome.

Just one of our brilliant researchers working to end kidney disease is Professor Rachel Lennon. With her team at the University of Manchester, they are studying how Alport syndrome damages the tiny filters in the kidney. Using ‘mini kidneys’, grown in their lab, they can see the effects of genetic changes in Alport syndrome day by day as the cells grow.

Rachel’s project was made possible by your generous gifts to Kidney Research UK and one day, could help Paul and his family.

We need to fund more people like Rachel, to give them the time in the lab they need to end kidney disease.

Why not make a donation now?

Your gift can help stop inherited kidney disease going any further.

Every £ counts. Thank you.

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