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Kidney disease isn’t a priority for governments across the UK and we want to change that. Add your voice and help us advocate for kidney patients and campaign for improved kidney services for everyone affected by kidney disease.

Change needed to improve mental health care

In partnership with the Centre for Mental Health we launched our report  'Addressing the mental health challenges of life with kidney disease; The case for change'. The report made recommendations to address the significant mental health needs for people living with chronic kidney disease.

We're asking government to ensure that a qualified mental health practitioner is part of the renal multidisciplinary team to support patients' care.

We asked MPs to attend our All Party Parliamentary Kidney Group meeting in parliament to get their support. 

Front cover of the Mental Health Report 2023
health economics emergency

Raising kidney disease up the government agenda

A major new report that finds kidney disease is a UK public health emergency that threatens to overwhelm the NHS if urgent action is not taken.

The independently produced report found that cases of the health condition are growing so rapidly it risks costing the UK economy £13.9billion annually by 2033 without significant government intervention.

Thanks to supporters taking our e-action to urge their MP to attend our Parliamentary reception, we were able to present the report in detail and asked them to make kidney disease a priority.

Ken Yer Kidneys

The number of people in Scotland who are reliant on dialysis or transplants to stay alive has more than doubled in the past thirty years.

We're calling on the Scottish Government to tackle kidney disease as a core priority and support a national strategy to combat chronic kidney disease.

We want to make change happen in Scotland.

Bushra, Angela and Dr Sandesh Gulhane MSP at Holyrood

How we're influencing policy

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