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Transforming Transplantation 

Do you want to be a part of a UK multi-disciplinary collaboration that works to transform transplant practices for the better? 

Mike Nicholson, Normothermic Perfusion

Patients, scientists, clinicians and other stakeholders are coming together to form the United Kingdom Organ Donation and Transplantation Research Network (UKODTRN). The network will be a UK multi-disciplinary collaboration to optimise organ donation and utilisation, and to improve outcomes for transplant patients. 

The objectives are: 

  • To improve donor management 
  • To increase the availability of suitable donor organs for transplantation 
  • To extend the lifespan of transplanted organs  
  • To transform the quality of life for transplant patients 

Kidney Research UK, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and British Transplant Society (BTS) – we’re coming together to transform transplantation.  

We want to honour the generosity of every single donor and make sure all organs are used. And we want anyone receiving an organ to have the best and the longest life possible.  

Your expertise, new ideas and drive are needed to make this happen, whether you are just about to start your journey or youre currently leading a major research project.  

Are you up for the challenge?

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    UKODTRN themes

    UKODTRN research themes

    Under the leaderships and direction of Professor Lorna Marson and Maddy Warren, the network will link people and research groups to bring together expertise across the transplant community. Currently, there are distinct research work package themes that should maximise common research interests of their members:

    Donation and donor management 

    • Dr Dan Harvey
      • National Lead for Innovation & Research in Organ Donation at NHS Blood and Transplant

    Organ utilisation and optimisation

    • Mr Gabriel Oniscu
      • ODT Research and Novel Technologies Advisory Group Chair

    Surgical technologies and peri-operative interventions 

    • Professor Nizam Mamode
      • Chair of Chapter of Surgeons (BTS)

    Increasing transplant longevity 

    • Dr Siân Griffin
      • Transplant Clinical Study Group Lead, BTS secretary
    • Professor Andy Fisher (Deputy Director BTRU)

    Improving long-term patient survival and patient outcomes 

    • Dr Siân Griffin
      • Transplant Clinical Study Group Lead, BTS secretary
    • Dr Adnan Sharif, Birmingham

    Each research work package theme will have representation from – at a minimum, a patient and public group, and organ-specific group (cardio-thoracic, liver, kidney, pancreas/islets), and an allied health professional, biomedical scientist or basic research scientist.

    Cross-cutting themes

    Cross-cutting themes are resources, services and facilities that span all research themes. These will be integral to delivering the outputs of the research work package themes. The UKODTRN cross-cutting themes include

    National donor biobank

    • Professor Rutger Ploeg
      • Director of QUOD (Quality in Organ Donation)

    Organ donation and transplant registry and clinical trials interface

    • Dr Rachel Johnson
      • Assistant Director for Statistics and Clinical Studies in NHSBT)

    Patient and public involvement

    • Oluwayomi Adegbaju (Research and Development NHSBT)
      • Kidney Research UK representative (TBC)

    Centre for evidence in transplantation

    • Mr Simon Knight (Director Centre of Evidence for Transplantation)

    Affiliated AHP societies

    • Sharlene Greenwood
      • Consultant renal physiotherapist, Chair UKKRC Exercise and Lifestyle Study Group, President of the British Renal Society

    Get involved

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