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UK Renal Trials Network

The UK Renal Trials Network was established to facilitate the design and delivery of nephrology clinical trials in the UK.

The aim of the network is to support investigators in the development and conduct of clinical trials, in order to improve treatments for patients living with kidney disease. Through establishing and maintaining links with other international renal networks, the network aims to facilitate the delivery of global randomised control trials.

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Who we are

The UK Renal Trials Network (UKRTN) is jointly led by:

  • Dr Paddy Mark, Professor and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist at the Glasgow Renal and Transplant Unit based at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow.
  • Dr Will Herrington, Associate Professor in the Renal Studies Group, at the University of Oxford and Honorary Consultant Nephrologist at  Oxford Kidney Unit.

Members of the UKRTN have expertise in trial design, conduct, analysis and reporting. It includes clinical trialists, statisticians, a health economist, trial manager, trials research nurse specialists, epidemiologists and patient experts.

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Our terms of reference.

Previous leadership: Dr Thomas Hiemstra, UKRTN Founder and Chair 2016-2020.

Dr Paddy Mark
Dr Paddy Mark
Dr Will Herrington
Dr Will Herrington

Our aims:

We aim to improve the quality and number of UK nephrology trials and provide trial expertise and support to all members of the UK renal research community.

We offer support to researchers by encouraging the proposal and development of research ideas as early as possible by providing:

  • The opportunity for proposers to attend round table discussion with the UKRTN at 4-monthly intervals
  • Guidance and advice and, where necessary, design input for the development of trial protocols
  • Expert review
  • Research design advice, notably for applications arising outside England where the NIHR Research Design Service is not accessible to investigators
  • Endorsement of trial proposals to support funding applications


Submitting a trial proposal

If you are seeking guidance or endorsement from the UKRTN, you should submit your trial proposal using our proforma.

Proposals must be received at least 6 weeks before the outcome of such a review is required.

Feedback will be provided within 4 weeks following the UKRTN meeting at which proposals has been discussed.

If we are unable to endorse a proposal, the reasons will be provided in writing, including a description of our assessment of the endorsement criteria and the conditions under which resubmission may be considered.

Key workstreams:

We review an average of four new proposals at each meeting. Almost 30 proposals have been reviewed to date of which 11 have been funded. Most of those not yet funded remain in the work-up phase.

We have conducted work on the practical aspects of trial conduct, including co-enrolment in trials and standardisation of patient reported outcome measures in trials.


Since the Network was established in 2015, we have contributed to several major successful funding bids for definitive trials in dialysis, transplantation and glomerulonephritis, chronic kidney disease and imaging.


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For more information and to find out about getting involved as a patient or researcher, contact:

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