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UK Kidney MedTech Research Network

Rapid advancement in medical technology (MedTech) has the potential to completely transform patient care.  The UK Kidney MedTech (UKKMT) Research Network will bring together expertise and experience in MedTech to make sure that people living with kidney disease benefit from new technologies.


What is MedTech? 

MedTech refers to technologies used to improve delivery of medical care and covers a a range of technologies including: 

  • Medical devices, such as new dialysis machines or new surgical equipment 
  • Digital technology, including “apps” for monitoring patients or supporting decision-making or artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • Diagnostic testing, such as developing tests that patients can use for themselves at home, to support self-management of their condition. 

Main focus:

The UKKMT research network will harness the advances that are being made in the medical technology sector.

Technology has the potential to prevent the development and progression of kidney disease, as well as improving the quality of life for those who do develop kidney disease. MedTech can help patients to be more active in managing their own health better and it can enable them to be more independent.

The UKKMT Research Network will work with patients and healthcare professionals to identify the existing unmet needs and the right diagnostics and devices to provide the best solutions.

The network will provide support and advise on existing research into diagnostics, devices, technologies and apps in the discovery stage through collaboration to eventual use in the clinic, in the community and in patients’ homes.  


  • To transform the way we diagnose, treat and monitor kidney disease through the best use of health technologies 
  • To develop a network of people with a broad range of expertise who can support and encourage new research and develop the right evidence base for established research
  • To encourage new research incorporating medical technology and support collaboration between researchers and other experts, including existing UK Kidney Research Consortium (UKKRC) clinical study groups (CSGs) and other research networks
  • Seek to understand the pathophysiology and impact of kidney disease better through the use of diagnostics, technology, devices, apps and associated data
  • To act as a reference point with a broad range of expertise from membership to help innovators and investigators to develop and refine medtech research projects
  • To influence funding bodies and strengthen opportunities for research in medical technology to benefit patients with kidney disease 
  • To become a stronger voice and draw on health economic arguments and greater efficiency to influence policy makers on the adoption of health technologies. 


  • To ensure that the introduction of novel technologies considers the needs of all patients and does not widen the gap in terms of existing health inequalities 
  • Navigating complex information governance and harmonisation of technologies across different trusts and between primary care, secondary care and labs
  • The use of medical technology across health services is growing at a fast pace and horizon scanning of new and emerging technology will be key.  

Unmet needs

We are always looking for opportunities to advance the development of MedTech for kidney patients. Our network supports the development of technology all the way from unmet medical need that requires a solution through to established technologies that require an improved evidence base or support for adoption in routine practice.  

The team

Find out who the network leadership team are...

Dr David Keane
Dr David Keane. National University of Ireland
Dr Ellen Castle
Dr Ellen Castle, King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Jonathan Murray
Dr Jonathan Murray, South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust
Akram El Gabry
Akram El Gabry, patient lead
Dr. Haresh Selvaskandan, Early career researcher
Dr. Haresh Selvaskandan, Early career researcher

It is essential to generate the correct evidence for any technology to be adopted within the NHS. The UKKMT research network aim to do this by working with a broad range of experts and engaging with the right people, including academics, clinicians, patients, industry and policy makers. Patients will be critical in steering this network and in co-producing innovations from the outset. 

Got a question? Get in touch.

If you feel the network can support your ideas or projects, please get in touch. 

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