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Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral Bone
Disorder Clinical Study Group

Chronic kidney disease mineral bone disorder (CKD-MBD) is the name used to describe the biochemical, skeletal and blood vessel abnormalities that occur in advanced CKD and dialysis patients. How these abnormalities occur, is poorly understood, but they may play a significant role in reducing both the quality and quantity of life for many people.

Much of the current research is primarily focused on understanding how CKD-MBD influences stiffening and calcification in blood vessels and heart valves which is believed to be linked to accelerated heart disease and strokes, and the role played by serum phosphate levels.

Who we are

We are a group of health professionals with a shared interest in CKD-MBD and in national and international collaboration around clinical trials.  

Our group is led by Dr Sharon Huish who is Renal Dietetic Service Lead at Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at The University of Exeter. Dr Huish's research focuses on chronic kidney disease-mineral bone disorders, in particular vitamin D metabolism in CKD and calciphylaxis. Dr Huish is co-lead of the calciphylaxis rare disease group. 

Headshot image of Dr Sharon Huish
Dr Sharon Huish

Our vision:

To establish a multi-professional and diverse clinical study group bringing together individuals with a shared interest in CKD-MBD to develop and deliver research studies that bridge evidence gaps, inform care and ultimately improve patient experiences, and clinical outcomes, relating to CKD-MBD. 

Our aims:

  • Provide a discussion forum for researchers investigating any aspect of CKD Mineral Bone Disorder (CKD-MBD).
  • Encourage and facilitate the development of protocols for studies in people with CKD-MBD.
  • Promote collaborative working between renal units to deliver studies on CKD-MBD.
  • Advocate for funding of studies in CKD-MBD via NIHR.
  • Facilitate discussion with industry partners to develop and deliver cost-effective studies of interventions to improve outcomes in CKD-MBD.

Our current studies:

The UK Calciphylaxis study - led by Smeeta Sinha, Salford. Funded by CLRN Portfolio.

SPIRiT study - serum phosphate intervention in renal replacement therapy. Led by Alastair Hutchison, Dorset. Funded by NIHR (Research for Patient Benefit). Follow-up now complete and manuscript submitted for publication.

SIMPLIFIED trial - survival improvement with cholecalciferol in patients on dialysis. Led by Thomas Hiemstra, Cambridge. Funded by NIHR/HTA.

PHOSPHATE trial - part of an international collaboration to examine the role of serum phosphate levels in CKD-MBD.


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