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Research networks

The UK Kidney Research Consortium (UKKRC) is jointly hosted and supported by the UK Kidney Association and Kidney Research UK.

UK Kidney Research Consortium

Facilitating the best collaborative clinical research for health in kidney disease.

Clinical study

Giving focus to the 12 renal medicine sub-specialities.

Kidney Patient Involvement Network

Improving quality public involvement and engagement in research

UK Renal Imaging

Transforming kidney health through technology.

UK Renal Trials

Facilitating the design and delivery of nephrology clinical trials.

UK Renal Fibrosis Network

Working together to investigate fibrosis in kidneys.

UK Renal Regenerative Medicine Network

Leading the UK in renal stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

UK Kidney MedTech Network

Using technology to prevent development and progression of kidney disease.

UK Renal Health Data Research Network

To enable better use of renal health datasets for renal care and research.

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