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Kidney Research UK - Stoneygate Research Awards

We are the largest charity dedicated to kidney research in the UK. With thanks to our continued partnership with the Stoneygate Trust, we are now able to fund the next round of our dedicated research programme. 

With thanks to our continued partnership with the Stoneygate Trust, we are now  able to fund the next round of our dedicated research programme.

In line with our shared strategic interest in improving the lives of people with kidney disease, we are pleased to invite expressions of interest for research proposals that match the theme of transforming treatments.

Transforming treatments is a key research priority for Kidney Research UK and the Stoneygate Trust - we are committed to finding new ways to:

  • make dialysis more tolerable and effective
  • extend the life of a transplant and make it easier to live with
  • make monitoring less invasive and kinder, and less dependent on hospital visits
  • develop and expand the use of medical technology to achieve earlier diagnosis and better patient management .

Expression of interest

We are now inviting expressions of interest from teams or individuals whose proposals offer the potential to address these specific issues. We particularly welcome research that will also reduce the inequalities that arise in these areas.

Types of grants available

Research project grant:

These awards support innovative, standalone research projects.

  • Funding available: up to £300k
  • Funding period: three years maximum

Start-up grant:

These awards are to support new areas of clinical or scientific research where initial pilot/supporting data is required.

  • Funding available: up to £50k
  • Funding period: over two years maximum

We only consider one application per applicant even if you have several research ideas, and applicants can only apply in one of our 2022 grants rounds. Resubmissions will not be accepted within 12 months of the original submission. If you already hold three or more active awards from us, you are ineligible to apply this year.  

Our expression of interest forms have moved to our online grants portal. Please sign up for an account if you don’t have one already.   

Expression of interest deadline: 5pm, 4 October 2022

Submitting your application

and information on what happens next

All received submissions will undergo strategic assessment, using both scientific and lay summaries to assess each, taking into consideration how closely the proposal matches the ambitions and themes of this call. 

Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full grant application. This invitation is no guarantee of further funding, which will be competitively awarded following full scientific and lay review. Only applications invited to the second stage will be considered.  

Applicants will be notified by 25 October 2022 if they are invited for a full application, and these must be submitted by 29 November 2022. 

All applicants must be resident in the United Kingdom and the research must take place in a UK establishment. 

We welcome pre-submission enquiries.

You can find more information about our grants in our regulations and conditions.

Expression of interest deadline: 5pm, 4 October 2022

What difference can funding make to you?

If you have a question or would like further information contact:

Elaine Davies: 01733 367835

Emma Shilling: 01733 367837

What difference can funding make to you?

"Funding has enabled me to set up preliminary data to apply for intermediate fellowship applications and enabled me to be more competitive in these applications."

Dr Soma Meran, Innovation grant recipient

Dr Soma Meran

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