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Fellowships and PhD Studentships

We are the largest kidney research charity dedicated to kidney research in the UK. Our Research Strategy to 2030 outlines our three strategic priorities and what we want to achieve through research in the next ten years or sooner. 

Our 2023 hybrid grants programme is now open. This is one of the many ways we fund and facilitate high quality research. 

Dr Rachel Floyd
Kidney Research UK Fellow
Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Institute of Translational Medicine
University of Liverpool

Does your proposal align to our research priorities?

Following the findings from our report into the health economics of kidney disease the need to support high-quality, innovative research in this area has never been clearer. We are looking for research proposals aligned to one of our three immediate research priorities, and we intend to make at least one award in each area. Within your application, we will ask how your proposal aligns with these.

Paediatric applications are invited into this round in any of the three immediate research priorities.

Types of grants available

We are open for all grant types, career development and research project and start-up submissions in this first round.

Senior non-clinical fellowships to support scientists who have conducted independent research in the renal field to build reputation in this field, deepening their knowledge and experience 

  • Funding period: over 5 years maximum 
  • Items of expenditure: Fellow’s salary and consumables  
  • Annual consumables allowance: £24,000 

Intermediate non-clinical fellowships for renal research specialisation of post-doctoral scientists   

  • Funding period: over 3 years maximum 
  • Items of expenditure: Fellow’s salary and consumables  
  • Annual consumables allowance: £15,000 

PhD studentships (non-clinical) in renal research, supporting a science graduate to obtain a higher degree 

  • Funding period: over 3 ½ years maximum 
  • Items of expenditure: Student’s stipend, higher degree fees and consumables 
  • Annual consumables allowance: £3,500 

Clinical training fellowships to support medical graduates to specialise in renal research thereby expanding the levels of expertise in kidney research and treatment 

  • Funding period: over 3 years maximum 
  • Items of expenditure: Fellow’s salary, higher degree fees and consumables 
  • Annual consumables allowance: £15,000 

Allied health professional fellowships (clinical) to support nurses and allied health professionals to undertake a renal research study and develop their research interests and career. 

  • Funding period: over 3 years maximum, can be done part-time
  • Items of expenditure: Fellow’s salary, higher degree fees and consumables 
  • Annual consumables allowance: £8,000 

Expression of interest information

We are pleased to invite expressions of interest from teams or individuals whose proposals directly address our immediate research priorities, and who seek initial or further support to establish their research career. 

We are keen to encourage applications from new investigators who have not previously held competitively awarded project or start-up funding as a principal investigator.

Expression of interest applications will not be eligible for submission where: 

  • the lead applicant already holds three or more concurrent active Kidney Research UK awards, excluding PhD Studentships and Start-up awards
  • the application from the lead applicant would be within twelve months following the submission date of a previous Expression of Interest for that grant type
  • the lead applicant has already made a submission of that grant type Expression of Interest application in any twelve-month period.  

Both scientific and lay summaries will be used to assess each submission. Consideration will be given to how closely the proposal matches to our immediate research priorities and all submissions will be ranked according to their potential to deliver against these. 

All applicants must be resident in the United Kingdom and the research must take place in a UK establishment. 

Successful applicants will be invited to submit a full application in due course. This invitation is no guarantee of funding which will be competitively awarded. Only applications invited to the second stage will be considered. Applicants will be notified on 26 September 2023 if they are invited for a full application to be submitted by 5pm, Wednesday 1 November 2023.

Closing date extended to: 5pm, Friday 1 September 2023

We welcome pre-submissions enquiries. You can find more information about our grants in our regulations and conditions.

If you have a question or would like further information contact:

Dr Aisling McMahon: 01733 367935 

Elaine Davies: 01733 367 835

What difference can funding make to you?

"Not only has Kidney Research UK funding allowed me to produce internationally recognised research but it’s also given me a deeper appreciation of the personal effects of current treatments on patients."

Dr Mark Findlay, Kidney Research UK Training Fellowship

Dr Mark Findlay

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