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Kidney MedTech Competition

Our Kidney MedTech Competition aims to accelerate the development and availability of transformational technologies to improve the lives of kidney patients.

We're seeking opportunities that can:

  • Improve diagnostics for earlier detection
  • Advance the treatment of kidney disease through the use of novel health technologies
  • Develop testing devices to help patients to self-monitor and self-manage their health (at home or in the community) in a way that is safe and reliable, which will empower all patients, particularly poorly-served groups of people
  • Improve our understanding of kidney disease through better use of health technologies
  • Provide an alert to clinicians, supporting prompt decision-making which leads to the appropriate intervention
  • Be used easily by those without technology skills
  • Improve services for kidney patients, including those with multiple health conditions who experience fragmented care pathways

Examples include: imaging, artificial intelligence approaches, MedTech with associated data, service improvement research incorporating MedTech, diagnostics, apps and wearable devices.

Projects out of scope: Drug discovery research and qualitative research.

Nurse supports the person's kidney on a blue background.

The competition process

The Kidney MedTech Competition offers six prizes, worth £30,000, to accelerate research and make research count for patients sooner, through the use of health technologies. Each prize will consist of £25,000 funding and attendance for two representatives, per project, on the ‘academy programme’ (worth £5,000).

The academy programme includes:

  • Pioneer – a series of 6 x 1-hour sessions: The practical knowledge and understanding of how to drive forward innovation
  • Spark – 1-day workshop: One-day ‘crash course’ in spotting opportunities
  • Ignition – 2-day workshop: Business-building bootcamp
  • Start up experience – 5-day residential workshop: Immersive experience of life in a startup.

The academy programme will commence in April 2022 and will be completed within six months from the prize being awarded.

Successful applicants will be awarded £12,500 on winning the competition and the balance of £12,500 on completion of the academy programme.

How to apply:

The lead researcher must be UK based.

Please download this application form to apply.

To submit your proposal, visit the In-Part website, register, and submit as a Research Project under the appropriate Discover campaign.

Now closed for applications.

Have any questions?

Contact our team at [email protected]

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