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this Ramadan.

Jelina's story.

Award winning human rights lawyer, Jelina Berlow-Rahman built her own law firm whilst also managing a gruelling dialysis regime.

Jelina’s kidneys started failing at the age of 18. Aching hands and painful lesions on her lips and tongue led her to have tests which revealed she had an aggressive form of lupus.

After four punishing years on dialysis, Jelina had a successful kidney transplant in December 2009. Today, Jelina continues her brilliant career, is a staunch supporter of Kidney Research UK and proud mother to Aliyah.

"I’m giving to Kidney Research UK this Ramadan because their work is vitally important. Because of the medication I have to take to stop my body from rejecting my new kidney, I cannot fast, so this is why I do other things at Ramadan, by giving my time and money.

I am grateful to Allah for the blessing that I have been given through my kidney transplant which has given me the additional blessing of having a child.

I donate to Kidney Research UK every Ramadan to help the fight against kidney disease. I do this for people like me that have been affected and for people that can’t take part due to ill health."

Please donate today to help people who are suffering with kidney disease.

If you are from a South Asian background, you are five times more likely to get kidney disease.

Research in the lab

This is an inequality that we are committed to tackling.

We have supported research in the field of health inequalities since 2001, and have invested around £2.4 million in this research so far.

Research has found that South Asian babies are born with smaller kidneys, which could be more prone to damage over a lifetime. A research project funded by Kidney Research UK is studying children at age 8-11 to see whether kidney size at birth is a factor in developing kidney disease later.

Help us continue our research to save lives.

As Muslims living in the West, we strive to benefit our society.

Our faith encourages us to not only verbally profess the message of Islam but is also about living Islam by helping our communities. The prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) was called ‘Al Ameen’ (The Trustworthy One) by his community because he built trust through benefiting the community in many different ways.

The most powerful way to do this is by organising and helping out with community and charity services. Giving to charity does not decrease wealth but instead God increases it. (Source : Sahih Muslim 2588)

By donating to Kidney Research UK you can help save lives. When you save one person, you save all of the people who will live through that one person.

Bushra Riaz
Peer educator coordinator
Kidney Research UK

Bushra Riaz
Bushra Riaz

‘If anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.’

QURAN 5:32

How your donation will save lives.

Peer educator project team

Education in the community

Our peer educators are working in the South Asian community to raise awareness of kidney disease, its symptoms and how to access testing and treatment more quickly.

Dialysis device with rotating pumps. Closeup view.

Better treatments

We are working hard to transform treatments so that people in end stage kidney failure can look forward to a brighter future, free of the burdens current therapies place upon them.
Research in the lab

The search for a cure

We fund cutting edge research to change lives. We're dedicated to understanding the causes of kidney disease and finding a cure to stop it.

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