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Ladies who lunch on the Clyde fundraise in style

We were delighted to host our first Ladies Lunch on the Clyde on Saturday 16 March. Over 70 women attended the event at the Ingliston Hotel and Country Club just outside Glasgow, which was hosted by Scott Glynn. During an afternoon of food, entertainment and fundraising, the guests learnt what amazing organs kidneys are, what…

Houses of Parliament

Queen grants Royal Assent to organ donation bill

The Queen has granted Royal Assent to the new organ donation bill, known as Max and Keira’s Law. The announcement was made in the House of Lords today, and means presumed consent will come into force in England next year. Consent will be presumed unless people have opted out, but bereaved families will still have…

World Kidney Day 2019

Spare a thought for your kidneys on World Kidney Day

This Thursday 14 March it is World Kidney Day, and we are delighted to be working with our partners in the Kidney Charities Together group to raise awareness of kidney disease, particularly among people considered to be more at risk, such as those with diabetes, high blood pressure, or who are obese. Thousands unaware of…

Patricia Gooden, kidney patient

Report reveals disparities in kidney health across the UK

This week Kidney Research UK published a report into kidney health inequalities in the UK, which shows how particular groups of people are at greater risk of developing kidney disease. It explains that these groups face worse outcomes from kidney disease and sets out the research needed to address these challenges. The report, launched at…

Image of donor card

Parliament passes deemed consent bill

Kidney Research UK welcomes the news that the Organ Donation (Deemed Consent) Bill passed its final stage in Parliament yesterday (Feb 26). Once Royal Assent is given it will become an Act of Parliament. Chief executive for Kidney Research UK, Sandra Currie said: “We welcome this progress. “Currently there are 4,819 people on the list…

Tina Turner book cover

Tina Turner’s transplant love story

Rock and roll legend and inspirational music icon, Tina Turner surprised many last year when she revealed she was in recovery from a kidney transplant. Her story demonstrates the indiscriminate nature of kidney disease. Details of her illness, dialysis treatment and eventual transplant, form the closing narrative to her autobiography, ‘My Love Story’. In the…

Itchy skin

Tackling the irritating problem of itchy skin

For some people with kidney disease, itchy skin can be much more than a minor irritant – it can cause significant discomfort and can prevent people having a good night’s sleep. This is a particular problem for young children who are having dialysis, as they may accidentally pull out catheters or fistulas when they scratch.…

Andrew Cole

Kidney Research UK welcomes Andrew Cole as charity ambassador

  Description Kidney Research UK is proud to announce former Manchester United and England striker Andrew Cole, as ambassador for the charity. Andrew, who had a kidney transplant just two years ago, made an official visit to University of Bristol yesterday (February 12), where he was introduced to a few of of Kidney Research UK’s…

Rachel Cox, renal nurse

Renal nurse donates her kidney to a stranger

  Description A Scottish renal nurse who donated her kidney to a stranger after years of working with patients in need of a transplant, will run this year’s London Marathon for charity. Rachel Cox (48) runs a hospital renal unit where, every day she witnesses the harsh realities of dialysis treatment on people whose kidneys…

Stuart McIsaac

Tat’ll do nicely!

  Description Everybody loves beanie, the official mascot for Kidney Research UK. You’ll see him at events, on our web pages and even in the most unlikely places such as rafting down the Zambezi river – (a group of supporters took a Beanie soft toy on their epic fundraiser.) But you may be surprised to…

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