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A female and a male researcher wearing white lab coats

Research offers hope of a cure for children with genetic bladder diseases that can harm the kidney

A study recently published by Dr Neil Roberts, Professor Adrian Woolf and their colleagues from the University of Manchester, with the support of funders including Kidney Research UK, has shown for the first time the potential for gene therapy to reverse symptoms of the rare genetic disorder called urofacial syndrome. Dr Filipa Lopes and Dr…

Lady exercising at home in her lounge

Can ‘prehabilitation’ benefit kidney patients preparing for transplant?

Physiotherapist Juliet Briggs from King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded an allied health professional fellowship award of £252,000, in partnership with the Stoneygate Trust, to develop and test an online ‘prehabilitation’ programme to prepare patients mentally and physically for kidney transplant.  Problems while waiting for a transplant It can be extremely difficult…

Nurse supports the person's kidney on a blue background.

Kidney Catalyst to accelerate the search for kidney disease treatment

The fight against kidney disease, which affects over 10% of the UK population, has received a significant boost as the British Heart Foundation (BHF) Data Science Centre, led by Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) and in partnership with Kidney Research UK, launch the new Kidney Data Science Catalyst. Kidney disease is a public health…

Man in a white lab coat in a research lab

Finding new ways to treat diabetic kidney disease

Professor Richard Coward from the University of Bristol has been awarded a research project grant of £230,000 to investigate a potential new treatment approach for diabetic kidney disease (DKD).  Professor Richard Coward What is the problem with current treatments for diabetic kidney diease? DKD is the leading cause of kidney failure in the world. In…

A microscope images of health cells and infected cells

Searching for new ways to control BK virus after kidney transplant

Dr Simon Baker from the University of York has received a Kidney Research UK PhD Studentship award of £83,000 to find new targets for the treatment of BK virus in patients with a kidney transplant. The problem with BK virus for kidney patients BK virus is a common infection that many people get in childhood.…

Hands of a medical person, wearing blue latex gloves, doing a finger prick test on a patient.

Could community finger-prick testing improve access to kidney protection in underserved high-risk groups?

Dr Rouvick Gama from King’s College London has received a clinical training fellowship award of £200,000, in partnership with the Stoneygate Trust, to investigate the most accurate way to measure kidney function in people from different ethnicities, and whether community finger-prick kidney function testing can improve early diagnosis and monitoring.  Dr Rouvick Gama, King’s College…

A detailed image of a glomerulus

Finding the best way to prevent kidney failure in diabetic kidney disease

Professor Simon Satchell from the University of Bristol has been awarded a research project grant of £193,000 to identify new targets for the treatment of diabetic kidney disease (DKD). What is the problem? DKD develops in up to 45% of diabetic patients, in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.  The first sign of DKD…

Hand holding up a organ-on-a-chip model

Development of an organ-on-a-chip model of polycystic kidney disease for testing new therapies 

Professor Martin Knight from Queen Mary University London has been awarded a Start Up Grant of £40,000 to develop a novel model of polycystic kidney disease (PKD) to test new therapies.  An organ-on-a-chip The problem PKD is a genetic disorder where fluid-filled sacs called cysts form in the kidneys, affecting their function over time and…

Prof Moin Saleem

Researchers discover promising treatment for the most common cause of inherited nephrotic syndrome

In a recent study, funded by Kidney Research UK and the Nephrotic Syndrome Trust and published in the journal Kidney International, Professors Moin Saleem and Gavin Welsh and their team at Bristol Renal have shown that a drug can restore the function of a protein that is disrupted in the most common form of inherited…

Female receiving dialysis in hospital

Trials in vascular access: a conversation with the clinical research project manager

When we think about a new clinical trial or research project, we might imagine people in lab coats working over test tubes and beakers searching for the next breakthrough. But behind every study is a very important person responsible for keeping the trial running smoothly. We sat down with Clare Dolan, clinical research project manager…

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