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Renal Organoid

Investigating TMEM260, a new protein linked to childhood kidney disease

Dr Jessica Kepples’s work is supported by a Kidney Research UK fellowship grant of £40,000. The problem Structural heart defects and renal anomalies syndrome (SHDRA) is a very rare disease caused by loss of a protein called TMEM260. SHDRA causes serious developmental problems in the heart, brain, and kidneys, sadly often resulting in death in…

Claire and Paul O’Connor on wedding day

Wife determined to carry on her late husband’s awareness raising work

Paul O’Connor had suffered with kidney disease since birth, and he knew only too well just how difficult life can be living with such an illness. Paul had spent over six years on dialysis but hoped his quality of life would improve with a transplant, which he had in April 2016. Unfortunately, it didn’t work…

Katherine Clark

Inspiring female researchers

To mark International Women & Girls in Science Day, we are putting the spotlight on some of those researchers at the forefront of our work to influence and drive progress in kidney health. You may remember, Katherine Clark, midwife at King’s College Hospital and recipient of a Kidney Research UK allied health professional fellowship and…

Mary Morrison holding her book

Tale of kidney transported 400 miles from Glasgow to London for transplant

The true story of a kidney donor and recipient based over 400 miles apart has been told in a new book, with the proceeds being donated to Kidney Research UK. Written from the perspective of both donor and recipient, the book (titled The miracle of live kidney donation – in flies the leading lady) takes…


Improving response to vaccines and infection in immunosuppressed patients

Infections in patients with a kidney transplant remain a serious challenge People with kidney transplants are all too familiar with the downsides to the immunosuppressants they need to stop their immune system from rejecting their new kidney. Transplant recipients are particularly vulnerable to infections caused by viruses and because immunosuppressed people often also respond poorly…

Reseacher in the lab

New research projects for 2023

We are delighted to announce that £2.5 million of research funding has been awarded to projects aiming to change the lives of kidney patients and their families across the UK. Lab image from previously funded research Supporting innovation for the kidney disease community  Fourteen new projects have been funded following our grants programme in November…

Melany Grey

Kidney disease can be life-changing

Kidney Research UK volunteer Melany Gray wants to make a difference. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can help to persuade the Scottish Government to create a national strategy to combat chronic kidney disease (CKD). Melany Grey The effect of a long-term condition Melany has lived with chronic health conditions since the age…

Jamie McGregor

Rugby referee joins campaign for kidney strategy

Scottish Rugby Union referee Jamie McGregor wants policymakers to tackle kidney disease head on.  Just as strategy and cohesion are key to a team’s success on the pitch, he believes that governments throughout the UK need to develop clear national strategies to combat chronic kidney disease (CKD) and ensure consistency of high quality care.  Jamie…

Francis Crick Institute

Working together for better future for kidney disease patients: our showcase with the Francis Crick Institute

71 researchers, patient representatives and members of the Kidney Research UK and Sir Francis Crick Institute met in London on 17 January to share their latest scientific findings on kidney disease and discuss future opportunities to work together. With speakers from many notable institutions, including representatives of the Francis Crick Institute, and Kidney Research UK-funded…

Angela Riley outside Holyrood

Supporting the kidney community to campaign for change in Scotland

Kidney disease forced Angela Riley to cut short a career in social care, but she is determined to keep helping people as a campaigner for change and as a community ambassador volunteer for Kidney Research UK.  Angela, who has type 2 diabetes, was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in 2020. Although 40 per cent…

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