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Covid-19 and kidney disease

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has presented a unique set of challenges for patients living with kidney disease and their support networks. We continue to support research programmes that are designed to help find new answers and approaches for our community.

Get the latest information about Covid-19 kidney research we are funding. Get answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Covid-19 and kidney disease research

Find out about the latest research we're funding into Covid-19 to support and protect kidney patients through the pandemic.

Covid-19 questions and answers

Get answers to some frequently asked questions about Covid-19 and kidney disease. We recommend you seek advice from your GP or other care provider to assess the risk to you and your friends and family.

Covid-19 vaccines and kidney disease

Covid-19 treatments and kidney disease

Your donation is more critical than ever

With your support we can make sure life-saving research continues.

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