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Joining the Organ Donor Register

Around 5,000 people in the UK are waiting for a kidney transplant. Yet, due to a shortage of organs, only around 3,600 transplants are carried out each year.

Human kidney cross section

Why sign the Organ Donor Register?

If your kidneys fail, you may need to have a kidney transplant. The number of people being treated for kidney failure in the UK has risen every year since 2006. And, the number of patients experiencing kidney failure is increasing each year. As these numbers continue to rise, the demand for organs continue to grow.

Although the number of living donors is increasing, it remains essential that more people sign up to the Organ Donor Register. Those who choose to donate their organs could transform the lives of many other people when they die.

Signing the register is a personal choice

Signing the Organ Donor Register is a personal choice, but remember to have a conversation with your family and close friends to ensure they can give permission for your organs to be used in the event of your death. This is essential even when the new legislative changes come into place. In the last five years, hundreds of families have declined the use of their loved one's organs despite them being on the Organ Donor Register.

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