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About kidneys and kidney disease

Patients and family members often have a lot of questions about the kidneys and kidney disease. The kidneys are complex organs that control blood chemistry, blood pressure and the amount of fluid in the body. Kidneys are as vital as our heart.

Get information about the kidneys, find out what the kidneys do and understand what kidney disease is and the stages of it.

What happens if your kidneys go wrong?

Kidneys can develop abnormalities or stop working properly for many reasons.

Am I at risk?

Kidney disease can affect anyone at any age. However, certain factors may mean you're at greater risk.

What are the stages of kidney disease?

There are various stages ranging from mild loss to complete kidney failure.

Can I live with one kidney?

Kidneys perform many functions but it's not unusual to have only one kidney to do the work of two.

How do I donate a kidney?

Find out more about organ donation and how to register your decision on organ donor register.

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Worried about your kidneys?

Take our free kidney health check today to see if you're at risk of kidney disease.

Accelerating research through innovation

Jelina is a patient who had kidney failure and was on dialysis three times a week. Thanks to research, Jelina received a kidney transplant.

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