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Hit breath-taking new heights, face a fresh challenge, make memories and change the lives of 850 million people living with kidney disease worldwide. Brave the drop for kidney disease! We dare you, a friend, loved one, or your kidney partner to freefall from the Acelormittal Orbit, the UK’s tallest sculpture high above the spectacular London…

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Bungee jumps

Bungee jumps Join the brave #TEAMKIDNEY bungee jumpers and experience the adrenaline rush of jumping from 160ft. Jump all over kidney disease! Come and join us for a day to remember and take on a bungee jump challenge. Imagine the rush, exhilaration and sense of achievement of completing a bungee jump. It’s an unforgettable experience.…

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Skydive with #TeamKidney! Join the brave #TeamKidney skydivers and take the leap of a lifetime. Experience the thrill and the freedom of jumping from approximately 12,000 feet in the air in a sponsored tandem skydive. Jump all over kidney disease! Experience the biggest adrenaline rush of your life!  Imagine the thrill, excitement and sense of…

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