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Welcome community ambassadors!

This page is dedicated to supporting you in your volunteering role with the tools and tips you need.

All the facts and figures will be regularly updated so you don’t have to worry about anything going out of date. The information provided is for you to share as much as you can in whatever way you feel most comfortable. Once you’ve decided how and where you’d like to use some materials please let us know, its lovely hearing what you’re up to!

We are also here to answer any questions, have a catch up or send any extra bits you might need that we’ve not included, so feel free to get in touch. Thank you for all your support.

Take a look at the community ambassador role description for inspiration

Unsure where to start?

Here's a breakdown of where to start in your community ambassador role.

Stage 1

  • Work through/refer to your induction
  • If you haven’t already, start talking to friends, family, neighbours, colleagues about the charity and encourage others to get involved
  • Share that you're a volunteer on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn ‘I've just become a volunteer community ambassador for Kidney Research UK’
  • Ask your employer if they would display posters on staff notice boards/toilet doors etc.
  • Distribute leaflets/posters to local GP surgeries
  • Ask supermarkets about the tokens scheme and ask what the process is to nominate a charity and suggest Kidney Research UK.
Stage 1

Stage 2

  • Raise awareness by sharing your story (if you have one) with local newspapers and news sites
  • Attend local events - have a stand, hand out leaflets, talk to people, you can also do a tombola or fete games to raise funds if you wish
  • Attend cheque presentations - thank the school/business/organisation/individual for their fundraising, maybe give a presentation and give them a thank you certificate.
Stage 2

Stage 3

  • Spread the word by giving talks and presentations at community group meetings, schools, universities etc, but only if you are happy to do so
  • Share your story with TV programmes or radio stations.
Stage 3

Useful documents

Take a look at the resources and links which we think will be handy to use.



To use when delivering your own kidney talk. Please read through each slide carefully as there are sections for you to edit yourself to tell your story and also adapt the end of your talk to the audience you’re delivering it to. Please discuss your plans with a member of staff before doing a talk.

Team at London Bridges Walk

Community ambassador induction

Your induction pack full of suggestions and resources to get you going on your ambassador journey,

Paul Cookson

Transforming treatments

Here are videos and information to share about our new campaign to transform treatments which aims to raise £3million in 3 years.

Get Kidney Fit booklet

Get Kidney Fit

A helpful guide to your kidneys, and how to look after them.

Download or ask for hard copies and we can post them to you.


Kidney health poster

Use our 'take a wee look' poster to help raise awareness of kidney health. Please let us know where you'll be using the poster and if you need any copies printing.

Rehana news article

Press template

Use our press template to spread the word. Please share it with us before you send it out to your local press office.


Teams background

Download our branded background to use on your Teams meetings.


Are your kidneys OK?

A leaflet about chronic kidney disease, what it is and its symptoms.

Download or get in touch if you want hard copies sending out to you.


Taking great photographs

These handy tips have been put together to help you when sending imagery to us.

Other useful links...

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Community ambassadors videos

Celebrating Volunteers Week

Our CEO, Sandra Currie, joined us on 27 May 2022 to celebrate our incredible volunteers and reflect on the past year.

Community ambassador meeting

Watch the recording from our virtual monthly meeting on the 31 March 2022.

Community ambassador meeting

Watch the recording from our virtual monthly meeting on the 24 February 2022.

Community ambassador meeting

Watch the recording from our virtual meeting on the 26 August 2021.

Frequently asked questions

Got a question? Get in touch.

If you have a question or would like to chat about one of our events, the team here at Kidney Research UK are happy to help. Please get in touch.

0300 303 1100

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