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Kidney disease ends here.


Where the money is spent

Where we spend your donations

Kidney Research UK depends on the support of the general public to fund our life-saving research; we receive almost no Government financial support. It’s therefore important that we spend this money in the most effective way to ensure that we can continue our work, cover our costs and invest for future growth in research.

Last year we invested
in kidney research

We allocate about 80 per cent of our charitable expenditure to research and 20 per cent to providing health information and raising awareness of kidney disease.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been growing our research commitment and now plan for further increases in the future. In the last year, we invested £6.44 million into research. We awarded around 47 new research studies, on top of our ongoing commitment to the numerous research projects already in progress. Most projects last two to three years and we are constantly striving to increase the amount of research we fund, as a lack of funding means we are unable to fund all of the high quality research we would like to.

We invest
of every £1

Our fundraising costs

We are committed to ensuring as much of every pound raised as possible goes directly into our research and awareness work. We strive to keep our costs as low as we can, and we continually review how we work to further improve our effectiveness. We balance this with ensuring that we maintain the quality of what we do and the welfare of our staff and volunteers is not compromised by cutting costs below the level needed to remain effective.

Of all the money we raise, we invest 80 pence out of every pound directly into our research and awareness work, with 20 pence helping us to raise the next pound to sustain our work into the future.

Our fundraising promise

We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and aim to ensure that our fundraising is respectful, open, honest, legal and accountable. Find out more by reading our fundraising promise.


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Our life-saving research is only possible with your support.

Save lives.

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