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Our position on the use of animals in research

We are committed to understanding what causes kidney disease and to discovering new and better ways to treat it, to make life better for all those people living with kidney disease. 

As a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC), we support the principle of using animals in research to advance understanding and to develop better treatments, where there is no alternative. This is in line with UK law which requires medicines to be tested on animals during the development stage while also dictating high standards of animal welfare. 

All of the research proposals submitted to us, including those involving animals, go through a rigorous expert review process which checks that the research is well-designed, justified and will answer the research question.  

We will not support any research that doesn’t adhere to the legal requirements and regulations. And we continue to encourage our researchers to find alternative solutions, for example using cells, human tissue biopsies and blood samples. 

Reviewed: July 2024

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