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Influencing change

Kidney disease isn’t a priority for governments across the UK and we want to change that. We're advocating for kidney patients and campaign for improved kidney services for everyone affected by kidney disease.


Front cover of the Mental Health Report 2023

Report into mental health impact of kidney disease

Together with Centre for Mental Heath, we commissioned into the mental health impact of kidney disease on patients, recommending urgent improvements to the current model of care.

Addressing the mental health challenges of life with kidney disease: The case for change, outlines the type of support needed to improve outcomes.

We're working to influence change based on the recommendations in the report, from Ministerial level to service providers.

Changing the future for chronic kidney disease in Scotland

Changing the future for chronic kidney disease in Scotland

We're calling on the Scottish Government to tackle kidney disease as a core priority and support a national strategy to combat chronic kidney disease.

Based on the recommendations of our report, it reveals that change is urgently needed as the number of kidney patients is growing fast.

The Scottish Government has responded positively to our policy report and has committed to do more to support kidney patients in Scotland.

The front cover of the Health Economics report document

Kidney disease: A UK public health emergency

A  comprehensive review of the health economics of kidney disease in the UK for more than ten years.

The report estimates that the current economic burden of kidney disease to the UK is £7bn with £6.4bn of this related to direct NHS costs; these figures could grow to as much as £13.9bn and £10.9bn, respectively by 2033.

The report shows the stark reality of kidney disease in the UK. It sets out interventions to improve prevention, management and treatment of kidney disease.

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