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Building foundations to make an even bigger impact

Welcome to our report of 2022/23. This year we have continued to advance knowledge of kidney disease by investing in research, by driving forward innovation and by expanding our collaboration and partnership working. By investing £11.6 million on research, awareness, and education we are continuing to accelerate growth that will bring benefit to patients both now and in the future.

Discovery remains high on our priority list. We funded a range of research across the year that will yield new and innovative approaches for the future. We have seen major advances emerge from studies the charity funded years ago, showing the importance of keeping the flow of funding to researchers at every stage. Maintaining that pipeline is a key focus area for us.

We are beginning to see the impact of increased activity influencing policy and opening productive dialogue with UK governments, NHS colleagues and a number of partners who share a combined mission to halt the predicted growth in kidney disease. Evidence is the essential foundation to the case for change. This year we have delivered clear and compelling information that can be used to make change happen. Some of that evidence will emerge in the 2023/24 financial year from two commissioned independent reports: Kidney disease: A UK public health emergency and Addressing the mental health challenges of life with kidney disease: The case for change, which indicate the financial and the immense personal burden that kidney disease has on those affected.

Sandra Currie, chief executive of Kidney Research UK
Sandra Currie

Our fundraising continues to thrive, with some significant new supporters joining those already committed and active in support of our work. All of this is essential in the drive to ensure that everyone living with kidney disease in the UK has access to the most effective treatment.

By working together with the very best experts in industry, academia and the charitable sector we are deepening our understanding of kidney disease. We are now in a stronger position to accelerate our focus on the critical area of prevention, tackling the worrying growth in the number of people at risk.

Of course, we are now in a new budget year, with new challenges and with even bigger ambitions in our priority areas.

With the loyalty shown by our supporters we will continue to make great strides. Funding often acts as a springboard for bigger collaborations, taking ideas from initial stages through to patient benefit. Initial research triggers further questions and research that builds on our investment.

We can play our vital part in creating change thanks to the contributions made by so many. Those who, like our ambassador Nina Nannar, share their very personal stories and urge us to find answers to their questions; those researchers and clinical teams who work with our funding to make a difference; those across the UK who help, by donating, by adding their voice, by standing alongside us. Together, we can elevate kidney disease so it becomes a major health priority and is funded accordingly.

Sandra Currie
Chief executive

Front cover of the annual report. White backgroun with side view of muslin female doctor looking into a microsope

Annual report 2022-23

Read more from our annual report to find out how we're investing in research, awareness, and education to accelerate growth that will bring benefit to patients both now and in the future.

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