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Annual report and accounts 2022-23

Building foundations to make an even bigger impact

Chief executive, Sandra Currie, looks back on a year of driving forward innovation and accelerating research so we can improve patient lives faster.

This pdf is designed to be accessible for people using screen readers and assistive technology.

Sandra Currie, chief executive of Kidney Research UK
Steve and Nina going to a black tie event

Research needed more than ever

Ambassador, Nina Nannar, shares her personal loss from kidney disease after losing her husband Steve just over a year ago.

Illustration od a researcher

Accelerate discovery

We increased our research investment this year to £9.84m, maximising opportunities to increase the pace and impact of positive change on kidney health, through collaboration, funding and innovation.

Researcher illustration

Make it count

We sought ways to speed up progress – pushing forward promising innovations, engaging decision makers and sharing vital new evidence – so that discoveries can be translated into treatments and practices.

Illustration of a female runner

Rally for change

Stronger together. By building our Team Kidney community of patients, volunteers, supporters, partners and researchers we can make our voices heard and progress our mission to end kidney disease.

Illustration of man holding a trophy

Strive for excellence

We established and grew partnerships and strengthened our long-term sustainability by investing in the skills and wellbeing of our amazing volunteers and staff members.

Illustration of a medical professional and a patient

How did we do?

We have built on existing partnerships and created new ones, striving to maximise opportunities to increase the pace and impact of positive change on kidney health.

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