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Researchers in the lab with imaging machine

Pregnancy and Alport syndrome: a new way to look at the kidney filters

With the support of a Kidney Research UK grant of £170,000, Dr Kenton Arkill and his team at the University of Nottingham are using a…

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Young man in hospital bed giving a thumbs up

The adventurer who confronted his fears to raise awareness of Alport syndrome

Filmmaker Sam Clarke, from Reading, was born with Alport syndrome, a rare genetic disorder affecting the kidney’s filtration system. It is the second most common…

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What can large datasets teach us about different experiences of Alport Syndrome?

Professor Danny Gale, from University College London, has been awarded a PhD studentship of £91,000 by Kidney Research UK to investigate the genetic factors the…

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Professor Rachel Lennon, funded researcher

Pioneering new programme to drive Alport syndrome research

We are delighted to announce that, in partnership with the Stoneygate Trust, we will be launching a brand-new programme to accelerate research, transform early diagnosis and to…

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Alport syndrome

What is Alport syndrome? Alport syndrome (AS) is a rare genetic disorder of the glomerular basement membrane (part of the kidney’s filtration system). It is…

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Towards precision medicine in atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome

New research from Professor David Kavanagh and his team in Newcastle, supported by Kidney Research UK, has shown that genetic information can help predict which…

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New study shows potential of gene therapy in nephrotic syndrome

In a new study published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers at the University of Bristol have shown that just one dose of gene therapy targeting…

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In the lab at the Alport Research Hub

Alport Research Hub – research project grant call

Alport Research Hub – research project grant The diagnosis and treatment of Alport syndrome have improved in the last decade but, more progress is urgently…

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Prof Moin Saleem

Looking for ways to improve treatments for nephrotic syndrome

Professor Moin Saleem and his team at Bristol Renal are heavily focussed on improving treatments for nephrotic syndrome by looking at the specific cause of…

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Lauren Payne and family, fundraising for Alports

Telling the story of Alports by Lauren Payne

Lauren’s sister Hannah has Alport Syndrome, a rare kidney disease. Lauren and her family have been active fundraisers for Kidney Research UK and the Alports cause

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