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In memory of Riminder

22 December 2023

Our Peterborough Cathedral Winter Walk in December 2023 brought together people with many different experiences of kidney disease but with one clear goal – to fund research that will improve the lives of kidney patients.  

For Jasvinder Talafair, it was an opportunity to do this in memory of his wife of 19 years, Riminder, who passed away in February 2022, aged 44, while waiting for her third kidney transplant. Kidney disease was a lifelong battle for Riminder, who suffered kidney failure at just two years old. Her first transplant lasted 10 years and her second just under four. By 2006, dialysis had become a necessary part of daily life.  

Jasvinder and Riminder
Jasvinder and Riminder

Jasvinder was by Riminder’s side throughout her dialysis, and, despite the gruelling, life-limiting impact, they were determined to live their life together to the fullest. They both loved to travel and worked hard to make international trips possible by arranging appointments at dialysis centres overseas.  

The USA, Italy, India, Singapore, UAE, Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Hong Kong are just some of the places Jasvinder fondly remembers travelling to with Riminder. He says: “We didn’t let dialysis take over our life, we worked with it. It wasn’t easy but we were able to make memories, like renting a car in Nice and travelling across Europe for Riminder’s 40th birthday.” 

More support is needed

Riminder’s death has had an immeasurable emotional impact on Jasvinder as he grieves her passing. Reflecting on his own mental health, he says: “It has been challenging losing her. Most days I have no one to talk to. I work from home and just get through my days.”  

Improving support for those facing the loss of a loved one is something Jasvinder is passionate about. Particularly as he does not feel adequate help has been made available to him over a long period of time. He says: “It is coming up to two years now, but I haven’t had proper counselling. It’s important that alongside the research there are support mechanisms.”  

Details of the current support provision for bereavement can be found via the NHS website. 

Husband and wife on holiday
Jasvinder and Riminder

Walking together

Joining the Peterborough Cathedral Winter Walk was important to Jasvinder to honour Riminder’s memory, but also to connect with others to challenge kidney disease. He says: “I don’t do a lot of walking, but it was a way to get out and do something good. I also joined the Glasgow and London Bridges Walks this year.” 

Jasvinder is keen to share his knowledge of kidney disease, saying: “There is a lack of awareness because the only time people tend to know about kidney disease is when someone experiences it with a loved one. You have to work out your own normal but it’s nice to be able to share information and support.” 

Together, those who took part in the walk raised over £12,000 to support our work at Kidney Research UK. Jasvinder knows better than anyone the value of research for kidney patients, saying: “Kidney transplants are not permanent solutions, so the research is trying to help people have long-term solutions.” 

Join us in 2024

If you would like to join #TeamKidney and walk with us next year, register your interest in coming to the Peterborough Cathedral Winter Walk in 2024. 

London Bridges Walk

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