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Peterborough pole dancers perform 12-hour challenge in aid of charity

15 March 2023

This World Kidney Day a group of 20 people from Peterborough took on a 12-hour pole dancing challenge to raise money for Kidney Research UK.

Inspired by personal experience

The group were inspired by the experiences of instructor Ally Allsopp, whose grandad lived with kidney disease.

Ally, who runs The Pole Room studio in Orton Southgate, Peterborough, said: “My grandad had two transplants and was on dialysis for a big part of his life. It was really tough at the end. He didn’t drive so we always had to make sure someone could take him to dialysis – and he had to be careful.

“I can see how kidney disease can affect people’s mental health as well as their physical health. Having a transplant is a huge thing and the recovery is big and long. Sadly, my grandad passed away last year so I really want to support Kidney Research UK’s work and help make a difference.”

Ally using her legs to hold herself up on the pole wearing blur leggings and crop top
Ally Allsopp has shared her own experience with kidney disease for World Kidney Day

Student had shock diagnosis

Pole dancing student Samantha (25) attends Ally’s classes and has her own experience of kidney disease. She has nephrotic syndrome, a condition in which protein leaks from the kidneys causing swelling. She got her shock diagnosis in 2019 after experiencing frightening swelling of her feet, legs, stomach and eyes and has followed a difficult medication regime ever since.

She said: “When I’m pole dancing it gives me a way to forget about my kidney problems – and at the same time I’m helping my fitness. So I was really happy Ally organised this challenge. As a kidney patient it’s important to stay fit, I have to be careful I don’t overwork myself. I used to go the gym and do weights, but that was way too much, and I think pole dancing is a good in between. It’s not boring like running on a treadmill, it’s fun!”

Female, upside down on a pole during the challenge
Samantha taking part in the 12-hour pole challenge

#Challenge12 fundraiser

The challenge participants paid to use one of nine poles available in the studio and home baked cakes and sourdough from Dovely Bakery helped to keep energy levels high. All proceeds have been donated to fund more research into kidney disease.

Marc Shaw, head of community fundraising said: “Ally and her students have totally embraced our call to fundraise around the number 12, in solidarity with all the kidney patients who spend around 12 hours each week on dialysis in order to stay alive. Their efforts will help fund vital research so kidney patients can look forward to a brighter future.

“Like Samantha, kidney patients have to take their wellbeing seriously. Our funded research has shown the difference good nutrition and exercise can make, for both your physical and mental health. This World Kidney Day we’re also offering patients a free ‘Kidney Kit’ filled with recipes and accessible exercises tailored to kidney patients’ needs. Our kit is just one way people can benefit from the scientific work we fund every year.”

The dancers have so far raised £626.42 which will be used to help fund vital research into the disease that affects around 3.5 million people in the UK.

The donate to the dancer’s cause and help them raise even more money, you can visit -

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