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Working together for better future for kidney disease patients: our showcase with the Francis Crick Institute

24 January 2023

71 researchers, patient representatives and members of the Kidney Research UK and Sir Francis Crick Institute met in London on 17 January to share their latest scientific findings on kidney disease and discuss future opportunities to work together. With speakers from many notable institutions, including representatives of the Francis Crick Institute, and Kidney Research UK-funded researchers, this was an important opportunity to drive collaborations within kidney science. 

Francis Crick Institute
Francis Crick Institute

A strong heritage in kidney research

Professor Sir Peter Ratcliffe, from the Crick Institute, began the afternoon by describing his long-standing relationship with Kidney Research UK and the ongoing work undertaken by the Crick at the forefront of this area of science. This was followed by a session chaired by Professor Jill Norman from University College London focusing on recent advances in our knowledge of transplant rejection, responses to Covid-19 vaccination in kidney patients and a genetic condition called Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease. Professor Jeremy Hughes, Chair of the Kidney Research UK Trustees, concluded the session with a summary of our research strategy and future plans. 

Sandra Currie, Chief executive at Kidney Research UK commented "Kidney Research UK have an extremely strong track record in supporting research designed to benefit patients, and we know how important it is for researchers to be able to collaborate, share ideas and expertise to reach our ultimate goal of ending kidney disease. We were delighted to join with colleagues based at the Crick to highlight some of the work that will achieve this. We will continue to build on our developing relationship and explore new ways of coming together to make progress in tackling kidney disease. "

Professor Jeremy Hughes, Chair of the Kidney Research UK Trustees
Professor Jeremy Hughes, Chair of the Kidney Research UK Trustees

Innovative approaches to kidney science

Following a brief break, the final session showcased some of the inspiring genetic research undertaken by teams from the Crick Institute and Kidney Research UK teams in lupus, BK virus and posterior urethral valves. Elaine Davies, Director of research operations at Kidney Research UK commented “the research shared today is truly remarkable and, crucially for the patients that we represent, in many cases has direct implications for the future of kidney disease management.” After a lively questions and answer session, the day closed with time provided for networking and further discussion. 

Attendees at the Crick event
Attendees at the event

Future opportunities for collaboration

We would like to thank Sir Peter Ratcliffe, Dr Rupert Beale, and the Crick Institue team for their help in running this event and look forward to working together in 2023. For further details of our upcoming events and research stories please sign up for Research Roundup and find on us Twitter @kidney_research. 

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