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New grant call to fund collaborative immune research

19 August 2021

We are delighted to have been invited to participate in an innovative new £1.3 million grant call focussing on developing new treatments for multiple autoimmune or immune mediated conditions.

Our friends at the Lorna and Yuti Chernajovsky Biomedical Research Foundation have partnered with Connect Immune Research to launch this innovative new grant call ‘Targeting shared mechanisms in immune-mediated inflammatory diseases’.

One of our top priorities is to boost research into understanding how kidney disease is linked to other conditions that commonly appear with it. This grant call presents a great opportunity for our researchers to put forward innovative ideas that could benefit a broad range of patients.

Applications are now open

Applications are now open to this exciting new scheme which will provide up to £100,000 for 12 months to fund projects aimed at quickly developing proof of principle for potential new treatments for multiple immune-mediated inflammatory conditions by targeting pathways common in autoimmunity.

The Foundation is seeking applications that:

  • target biological pathways that are relevant to multiple autoimmune or immune mediated inflammatory conditions, such as lupus, Goodpasture syndrome and IgA vasculitis.
  • are innovative with high-quality science
  • have the potential to generate long term impact on quality of life for people currently living with autoimmune or immune-mediated conditions
  • are translational
  • integrate collaboration and complementary expertise, connecting researchers with knowledge on different immune conditions/those from multiple institutions/those focused on different stages of the translational pathway.
  • contain meaningful patient and public involvement (PPI) at all stages including application development and research delivery

The deadline for applications is 4pm Wednesday 13 October.

Find out more

Further details and instructions on how to apply can be found on the Versus Arthritis website.

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