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Share your #mugshot and keep research going

31 March 2020

We are challenging supporters to share a selfie with their favourite mug to keep research going, as the coronavirus pandemic continues. 

Over the past week, dozens of kidney patients, doctors, scientists, trustees and staff have dug out their most colourful or funniest mugs and posted a photo of them holding it on social media, donating the cost of their regular take out hot drink or alcoholic beverage to the charity, in a bid to help it keep funding vital research into kidney disease during these difficult times. 


Mae Smith, a kidney patient and Community and Events Fundraiser at the charity, said: It is so amazing to see all staff and supporters getting involved in the campaign so passionately to keep research going.  

The research funded by the charity provides hope to a lot of kidney patients, like me, who are uncertain about their future with the disease. The #mugshot campaign shines a light on the commitment of both the charity and its supporters, to keep this incredible research going and, ultimately, keep that hope alive for kidney patients. We would love to see lots more people involved.” 

With the arrival of COVID-19, the charity sector is facing particularly challenging times. People affected by kidney disease also face more struggles in addition to those they encounter on a daily basis, as they are at higher risk of contracting the virus.  

It is important - but even more challenging - to keep research going in these unprecedented times. We're committed to funding some of the best renal researchers across the country in the hope of finding new and better treatments – and ultimately a cure - for those living with kidney disease. 

How you can help! 

We're encouraging as many people as possible to take part in its #mugshot campaign so that we can continue our research now and longer term. So, who is up for the challenge? 

  • Take a selfie at home with your favourite mug and upload on social media using the hashtags #mugshot and #keepresearchgoing.
  • In the post, explain the reason for taking part in the campaign (for example, ‘I am taking part in the #mugshot challenge and donating what I would have spent on my takeout tea or coffee this week to Kidney Research UK, to help them #keepresearchgoing at this time’).
  • If you are able to, you can donate what you would have spent on your usual take out coffee/trip to the pub/cinema ticket etc.
  • Nominate three friends or family to continue the challenge.  

If they can, people can donate the cost of their weekly hot drink or beverage, at (and don’t forget to include the link in the social media post). 

Please tag in Kidney Research UK on your posts so that we can share your #mugshot pictures on our own social media channels!  

Our life-saving research is only possible with your support.

Save lives.

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