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Kidney research funding open Get support and funding to tackle the big renal questions with our career development grants

14 November 2019

The academic year is in full swing, and many are scrambling to start work in the lab, planning experiments, poring over the literature and looking at where their research could go next. Others are still waiting to start because they missed that first round of funding.  

But don’t fret - we have several career development grants open. As a leading charity funding kidney research, you can rely on us for support and the chance to work with experts in the field.  

For full details and how to apply, head to our Grants page. 

Deadline extension to Monday 2 December 2019! 

We potentially have a larger budget available for this grants round, collaborating with new  partners to fund research into a few specific areas of kidney disease.  

Researcher in lab

As a result, we have extended the deadline for PhD studentship and fellowship applications to our to 5pm on Monday 2 December 2019.  

So, if the research you’re planning relates to any of the topics below, make sure you clearly point that out in your application!  

We welcome:  

Training fellowship applications in: 

  • hyperkalaemia in non-dialysis chronic kidney disease 

Basic science PhD studentship applications in: 

  • Autoimmunity 
  • Inflammation 
  • Infectious disease 
  • Ageing 

Any fellowship or studentship: 

  • Chronic kidney disease and anaemia, bone and mineral disorder 

If your research doesn’t fall into one of these subject areas, please do send it in – it will still be considered as we assess all applications equally and fund them on scientific merit.  

Here are the types of funding options open at the moment. 

Early-stage researchers 

We have two funding options open right now for those starting their research careers.  

PhD Studentship (basic science) 

For those looking to investigate non-clinical aspects of kidney research, we offer PhD studentship funding. This studentship is three and half years funding at the appropriate MRC scale, plus an annual allowance of £3,500 for consumables. 

Training Fellowship (clinical) 

Our training fellowship gives medical graduates the chance to gain specialised training in kidney research, which will culminate in registering for a higher degree. You can apply for three years’ funding available. The fellowship also includes an allowance for consumables and covers the fees associated with a higher degree (at the 'home' rate). 

Mid-stage researchers 

Again, we have non-clinical and clinical options for those a little further along in their careers. 

Intermediate Fellowship (non-clinical) 

This fellowship is aimed at post-docs with two to three years of experience who wish specialise in kidney research. This includes up to three years funding with a salary based on the appropriate university scale, plus an allowance for consumables. 

Allied Health Professional Fellowships (clinical) 

Our Allied Health Professional (AHP) fellowship gives nurses and allied health professionals the opportunity to carry out kidney research and obtain a higher degree (Masters, DPhil or PhD). This year we also have joint funding from The Stoneygate Trust for a specific fellowship grant of up to £200,000 if your research is looking at health inequalities, mental health impact on kidney patients, intervention into dialysis and improving quality of life for kidney patients.

For all of the AHP fellowships, there’s funding for three years on a full-time basis, or up to five years on a pro-rata part-time basis.

Senior researchers 

Finally, there’s also our Senior Fellowships (non-clinical). These are aimed at researchers who already have extensive post-doctoral experience. This is a five-year fellowship - the salary is at the appropriate university scale with an allowance for consumables and small items of equipment is available. 


Please note, our funding doesn’t cover:  

  • Publication (including Open Access) 
  • Archiving 
  • Travel (unless it is integral to the project) 
  • Any IT equipment (laptops etc) 
  • Licence fees (software and ethics-related) 
  • Conference fees/attendance 
  • Stationery 
  • Printing 
  • Recruitment costs 
  • Apprenticeship levy 

Sorry! If any of those items are in your application, we’ll have to send it back to you, which will just slow things down. You can check out our Regulations and Conditions document for all the information you might need. 

For more details on these and other grants, plus all the information on how to apply, head over to the Grants page. 

Find out about our research grants

For more details on these and other grants, plus all the information on how to apply.

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