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A young kidney transplant patient and her colleague were released from their usual day job duties to give their time and expertise to their favorite charity - Kidney Research UK.

Louise Sach and Yenniesha Erandez, who work for a banking company, travelled from London to Peterborough to volunteer at the charity’s head office for the day.

Louise, who features on the front of the Autumn 2018 Update magazine, and Yenniesha, brought their vast experience and enthusiasm to the role and offered invaluable advice.

Louise said: “The whole office were expecting our arrival and we were given a structured plan with what we were doing throughout the day. They were very excited to have us there helping and reiterated how useful it had been as we were leaving, making us feel like we gave really, valuable inputs and helped contribute to saving more lives”.

yen and louise volunterring

Yen added: “Seeing how passionate the Kidney Research UK team were about helping to raise awareness and providing support to people fighting this disease was a real highlight for me.”

Louise and Yen were looked after by Kidney Research UK volunteer programme manager Beccy Boyle.

Beccy said: “We loved having Louise and Yen in the office for the day. We like to make sure we use the skills and experience of our volunteers to the best advantage – our challenge is vast, so we appreciate the help we get and we really value the views of patients and our supporters. Louise and Yen are brilliant advocates for us, we’d have them back any day.”

In June this year Louise’s life was saved by a stranger who donated her kidney to her, after responding to a Facebook appeal.

Louise, who struggled with kidney failure for over 22 years, said: “When I look back at the years of tiredness and pain, heartbreak, sickness and countless hours spent in waiting rooms, tests, medical trials, consultant meetings, emergency rushes to A&E screaming in pain because of infections, and years of antibiotics and medications, it was agonising.

“I am so lucky to have found my amazing donor, Kayleigh, but I know there are many people like me, both pre and post-transplant, who need medical support to live and do not have a ‘Kayleigh’ as an option.”

Kidney Research UK exists to support and fund research which will lead to the development of better treatment options for kidney patients everywhere.

Read Louise’s blog and find out more about her experience the Autumn edition of Update.

Volunteering opportunities with us include everything from being involved with our events to fundraising through bucket collections.

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