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The flu jab: who should get it and why

24 September 2018

To stay healthy and prevent the spread of flu, making sure you get a winter jab is a good first step.

An enhanced vaccine is expected to improve effectiveness this year, by boosting the body's immune response to the drug.

This will particularly benefit the elderly and those in at-risk groups under 65, who will be offered a vaccine that protects against four types of flu.

Groups vulnerable to the flu include pregnant women and those with long-term health conditions such as kidney patients.

The flu vaccine will be rolled out across the UK from early October and those eligible are advised to get it before the end of November.

Flu is contagious and can be passed through coughing, sneezing or by touching contaminated surfaces. Most flu outbreaks usually happen in late autumn or winter.

If you’re not eligible certain pharmacies offer a private Winter Flu Jab Service for customers aged 16 and over.

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