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As part of its ongoing commitment to invest in the best of renal research, Kidney Research UK has opened its latest call for grant applications.

This round of grants is for fellowships and studentship awards, which aim to develop the next generation of researchers within the renal and scientific community.

Last year, the charity invested over £1.5m into eight fellowships and two studentship research projects, right across the UK. Research areas covered included predicting rare kidney disease, diabetes and kidney disease, new transplantation therapies, kidney scarring and new drug compounds.

Elaine Davies, Director of Research at Kidney Research UK, said: “We are always delighted to open this call for applications. We believe it’s so important to attract and retain the highest quality of researchers that we need to carry out the research projects of the future.

“With the kidney being such a complex organ, every research investment could deliver a breakthrough which will increase our understanding of kidney disease and its causes, allowing us to work towards developing treatments for the disease.”

Kidney Research UK’s annual grants awards are open to anyone in the UK within the renal or scientific community and are intended to support careers from early academic study through to senior fellowships.

Click here for more information, and how to apply for these awards. The closing date for the fellowship and studentship awards is 23 November 2018.

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