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Imagine spending 50 days in a compact Fiat, travelling 10,000 miles across mountains, desert and plains in 18 countries, desperately hoping that your car will reach its end destination.

That’s what brothers Antony and Nick Scott, along with friends Ben Crozier and Amy Hayhurst, have been doing.

Starting on July 12, the Fiat four, known as MAGA (Making Adventures Glorious and Absurd), have taken on the Mongol Rally – an epic road trip from Jersey to Mongolia, raising money for Kidney Research UK and charity, Cool Earth.


Kidney Research UK is close to the hearts of brothers Antony and Nick as, sadly in 2017, they lost their 64-year old father to kidney disease and sepsis. Diagnosed in the late 1990’s, he received a kidney transplant in 2001. However, in 2016 he was put back on dialysis after suffering a severe bout of food poisoning leaving his body unable to fight efficiently and sadly passed away.

With still no cure for kidney disease, they wanted to raise money for the cause and to help stop this happening to others.


Now, some 40 days into their intrepid journey the team are nearly at their final destination of Ulan Ude just outside of Mongolia.

Antony’s passion for photography makes it fun to follow them on their epic journey. You can track their route through a live interactive map on the Team MAGA website and you can also follow them through their Instagram and Facebook posts.

It’s been a challenging drive for the Fiat Panda, with only 1242cc; the strenuous journey has definitely taken its toll on the car.

Driving through difficult sand and dirt terrain has left the team stopping at numerous service stations along the way. Although it seems the most difficult drive of all was the highway in Prague, in which, they rear ended a BMW series 1. The team came out unscathed from this ordeal, however the Fiat took bad frontal damage and they needed professional help with the car to keep them able to continue. Then they had a blow out in the middle of Kazakhstan!

But the intrepid adventurers are still going, still aiming to reach their destination. So far, they’ve has raised £1,000 for Kidney Research UK with more money expected.

If you’d like to contribute to this fantastic feat, visit their fundraising page.

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