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This month a group of supporters will set off on an epic journey across the country to raise awareness and funds for us.

Led by transplant patient Barry Jacobs, the group of Land Rover Defender enthusiasts will drive their vehicles over 2,500 miles visiting renal transplant centres round the UK. Their two-week journey starts on 23 June.

Barry Jacobs, Defenders for Kidneys

Barry Jacobs, Defenders for Kidneys

Barry said: “A long time ago my father had a transplant but it didn’t work. I was 16 at the time and the doctors said to me don’t worry if it happens to you – by then there will be better ways to transplant kidneys.

“But when it did come to me needing treatment for the hereditary condition of polycystic kidney disease, I found myself taking the same medication my dad was given and realised nothing had changed. We want to raise awareness and a substantial amount of money for Kidney Research UK.

“We will be avoiding major roads and motorways as much as possible. The kidney shaped route will take us around the UK, covering about 2,500 miles, taking us over all types of terrain. We will be camping out in the Great British wilderness.

“We will visit UK transplant centres for both mainstream and children’s hospitals as well as other locations to raise money while spreading the name and work of Kidney Research UK and Kids Kidney Research.”

Barry added that the challenge celebrates the lives saved by transplant, those still waiting and the many friends and relatives lost along the way. He will be joined on this journey by friends Stuart Mason and his 1958 Series 2, Dr Jonathan Levy and his Defender 90, Mat Hobbs, Simon Michaels, Paul Lawrence and many others.

The group has published a list of dates, times and places so supporters can visit them on their epic journey.

Find out where you can join them or follow them on Twitter @DKidneys.

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