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My kidney heroines – where do I start? 

My kidney heroines – where do I start?  by Sarah Harwood – Patient Involvement Co-ordinator 22 February 2018 This World Kidney Day, Kidney Research UK is celebrating all the women and girls who are fighting kidney disease in their own way. We are getting people to post the stories of their kidney heroines (#mykidneyheroine). So I…

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Mum’s the heroine – Surma’s story

When Surma gave birth to her first child it should have been a happy, joyous time. But her daughter was born with nephrotic syndrome, which meant there were tiny holes in her daughter’s kidneys, leaking protein and making her ill.

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Working on a knife edge

Those crucial hours and days after a transplant, waiting to see whether a new lease of life really has been achieved. It’s familiar territory for Lorna Marson, consultant transplant surgeon at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.

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