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Stacy Rowe – celebrating her kidney-versary by Stacy Rowe

05 January 2018

Stacy Rowe is a transplant patient and a member of our Lay Advisory Committee (add link). She’s been sharing her kidney journey with us over the past few years.

January 2018

“I write this as a brand new being – and feeling like the luckiest person in the world. I have not thrown up in over a year. I have had no headaches, no sickness, no sleeping during the day – none of it. I can barely recognise myself. I can go to work, then the gym, followed by drinks and return home late – and I feel as normal as anybody else would. I can’t describe how incredible this feels, to be able to say I feel ‘normal’ when, in truth, looking back, I had no idea what normal was.”

Stacy has just celebrated her first kidney-versary and shares how she feels about this in her latest blog.

Stacy Rowe
Stacy Rowe

December 2016

I will receive the most fantastic Christmas present I could ever wish for. My loving (and oh, so patient) partner, Andy, will ‘share his spare’ – and donate his kidney to me…

Read how Stacy is feeling about being donated a kidney from her partner as her transplant day approaches.

November 2016

For those of you who are kind enough to read this blog regularly, you will have noticed a sizeable break between posts. This gap in timing is, in itself, very apropos to the subject of this blogpost. The level of emotion I have experienced on my “kidney failure journey” is incredible. It has encompassed everything from fear and excitement to hope and despair. My life has become one massive paradox and the emotions I have felt over the past nine months have definitely put me on a rollercoaster – up to and including that swooping sensation you feel in your stomach when you plummet from the top!

Read Stacy’s full blog.

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