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Inflammatory kidney disease study part of £1.9 million new funding

27 September 2017

Kidney Research UK is delighted to announce they have awarded more than £1.9million to a total of 11 career awards.

This year nine fellowships and three studentships were awarded.

Dr Rhys Evans at the University College London was awarded a clinical training fellowship which he will use in his study which will contribute towards the understanding of the development of kidney disease in lupus patients, as well as kidney transplant rejection.

Research has shown some white blood cells become harmful after being exposed to increased sodium (salt) concentrations.

These same cells are critical in promoting the development of inflammatory kidney diseases such as lupus, vasculitis, and even in kidney transplantation.

“We do not know what effect minimising sodium, through dietary manipulation or drug therapy, has on the development, progression, or relapse of these diseases, but it could provide an easy additional tool for reducing kidney inflammation and damage,” said Dr Evans. And he added:

I would not have been able to carry out this important research without Kidney Research UK. We will be looking at how we might be able to affect a patient’s salt balance and see how that effects their immune system.

All applications underwent the normal review process involving the Kidney Research UK’s research grants committee and in the case of the fellowships, external expert reviewers.

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