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Organ donation: why people who do are spectacular human beings  by Marcus Corner

30 March 2017

Organ Donation  - Part 1, how to ask someone for a kidney.

It’s January 2013, I’m 37 years old and the conversation I’m about to have with my brother will change both of our lives forever. There’s no ‘approved’ method for asking for one of your brothers’ kidneys — so I used a Google Hangout…

Read how Marcus asked his brother for a kidney:

Part 1 - how to ask someone for a kidney.

Marcus Corner
Marcus Corner

Organ Donation - Part 2, the Op.

It’s 9am — I’m in theatre prep and someone has asked me to recite my name and date of birth for what must be the 100th time that day.

I chat with the anaesthetist and the surgeon (another phenomenal guy) while they inject the milky fluid into my veins, I count to four — I’m gone.

Read about Marcus’ operation:

Part 2 - the Op

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