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  • Prevalence of kidney failure increases in Wales up 2.3% from 2013

  • Almost 3,000 currently being treated for kidney failure in Wales

  • New Kidney Research UK shop shows charity’s continued investment into kidney research in Wales

The prevalence of kidney failure has continued to increase in Wales, up 2.3% since 2013, compared to a 1.7% change from 2012–2013. In Wales alone, almost 3,000 people are currently being treated for kidney failure and one in five people admitted to hospital in Wales have a serious problem with their kidneys as part of their illness.

Moderate to severe chronic kidney disease is thought to affect three million people across the UK. People with chronic kidney disease are at higher risk of having heart attacks and strokes and some will experience complete kidney failure, requiring a transplant or dialysis to stay alive.

3million at risk
World Kidney Day provides an opportunity for organisations, groups and individuals, right across the world, to increase awareness and understanding of kidney disease. As part of its campaign mark this year’s World Kidney Day, Kidney Research UK is choosing to use the day to formally open a new shop in Cardiff, with Mr Kevin Brennan MP and Professor Donald Fraser from the Wales Kidney Research Unit in attendance.

Speaking at the opening, Kidney Research UK’s Chief Executive, Sandra Currie, said:

With rates of kidney failure still increasing year on year in Wales, raising awareness of the disease, its signs and symptoms and how to keep your kidneys in good shape is as essential as early diagnosis for those who are at greatest risk. World Kidney Day gives us a focussed opportunity to do just that.

“Our charity seeks to reduce the numbers of people whose lives are cut short by kidney disease and help people live better lives for longer, and we do this by investing in research to find better treatments and cures for renal disease.

“We do this predominantly with funding raised at local and individual level, through all sorts of activities. Our shops are an essential part of that fundraising chain.”

Kidney Research UK has had a shop in Cardiff since 2000 and moved to the new premises when it outgrew its previous shop in Wellfield Road. The new shop, located at 307/315 Cowbridge Road East, is twice as big providing an opportunity to sell a greater range of goods, including furniture for the first time.

Sandra Currie continued: “Kidney Research UK has had a strong and long-term commitment to Cardiff. We’ve had a shop here for about 17 years and have funded and continue to fund researchers at the university. So I am delighted to be here today to open this new shop with Mr Brennan, and to be with the shop staff, volunteers and others who have all made this possible. I especially wish to thank Cardiff LED Lighting manufacturer Sedna Lighting, in collaboration with Cardiff Lighting. They have very kindly donated all the light fixtures and fittings for the shop and helped make it look as good as it does today.”

Professor Donald Fraser, director of Wales Kidney Research Unit, said: "It is easy to forget that quite so many people in Wales are affected by kidney disease, and what a devastating effect it can have on them and their loved ones. The Wales Kidney Research Unit works in partnership with patients and other people to improve treatment and understanding of kidney disease. Kidney Research UK has been a key supporter of kidney research in Wales for more than two decades, through research grant funding awards to projects led by Welsh researchers, and through their activities supporting those affected by kidney disease. Kidney Research UK helps people deal with the condition and also helps them to have a voice in how we approach improving care.

With the opening of their new shop in Cardiff on World Kidney Day, we are delighted to see Kidney Research UK making another strong commitment to kidney research in Wales. Professor Donald Fraser

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