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Kidney Research UK, the charity dedicated to kidney research, has today (17 February 2017) formally opened a new shop in Exeter city centre. The shop was opened by nine year-old Trenton Gillard, who was born with one kidney, alongside the Lord Mayor of Exeter, Councillor Cynthia Thompson, and Kidney Research UK’s Chief Executive, Sandra Currie.

Kidney Research UK has had a shop in Exeter since 2001 and moved to the new premises when it outgrew its previous shop in Sidwell Street. The new shop, located at 87 Fore Street, is twice as big providing an opportunity to sell a greater range of goods, including furniture for the first time.

Exeter charity shop opening

Exeter charity shop opening

Speaking after the opening of the shop, Sandra Currie said: “Kidney Research UK has a strong and long-term connection with Exeter. We’ve had a shop here for some 16 years, and we’ve funded research projects at the university and in the hospital for over 12 years.

“We are the national charity funding lifesaving research into finding better treatments for, and, ultimately, a cure for kidney disease. We do this predominantly with funding raised at local and individual level, through all sorts of activities. Our shops are an essential part of that fundraising chain; they are our community frontline, and provide an important resource to the community.

Inside the new charity shop

“So I’m delighted to be here today to open these new expanded premises with the Lord Mayor, and to be with the shop staff, volunteers and others who have and who will, I’m sure, continue to make this new shop thrive in the wider Exeter community.”

Shop manager, Darryl Hagley, said: “I’ve been part of the life of this shop for around 12 years, and I’ve seen it grow and develop in that time. That’s not only about generating income but it’s also about how the goodwill and enthusiasm of our local community helps to support us. As well as individuals, families and volunteers, we have a close relationship with the renal unit at the hospital and with other local organisations which provide storage or space for clothing banks. The shop provides a focal point for that generosity.

“I wish to say how grateful I am and to thank all those who support us, our kind customers, the wider community, my staff and volunteers. Every donation you make, no matter how small or large, makes a difference.

We outgrew our last shop and we’ve doubled in size. Let’s see what else we can do!” Darryl Hagley, Shop Manager

He continued: “Donations of preloved and good quality items are always needed and most welcome. If you’d like to donate something to the new shop, please do contact us on 01392 254188.”

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