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It’s the beginning of a new year and, at Kidney Research UK, the focus is on the potential that lies ahead.

Sandra Currie, chief executive of Kidney Research UK is looking forward to the challenges ahead: “In December we reflected on how our year has gone in 2016 and celebrated many achievements and successes. We also looked ahead, as we started our planning for the budget setting that begins in earnest in January. We are focusing on finishing the financial year in good shape, and aim to achieve the objectives we set ourselves last year.

“As always I am reminded that, despite the great progress we are making and the increase in funding we have made available for research; ‘It is not yet enough’. The statistics about the impact of kidney disease on so many people are stark and worrying. The incidence is growing, there are still too many people dying prematurely as a result of their kidney disease and, for some, transplants are still in the distant future or not even an option.

“All of the Kidney Research UK team will be setting our own personal commitment for the year ahead, and thanks to some voluntary training from the BT Business team, we have been encouraged to share those widely across the organisation and beyond. So in January, when I return from a week at home with my family in Scotland, I will be posting my individual pledge next to my desk for all to see and as a constant reminder that I need to keep stepping up the pace of the part I can play in supporting the progress of our research."

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